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Dear friends

             Dear friends! Today's Party is, on the one hand, the summing-up of our knowledge of English. On the other hand, we'll have a talk about one special thing we need in our life.


               It goes without saying, everybody likes to feel oneself happy and to enjoy the atmosphere of fun. It's pleasant for every person to meet someone who greets him with a smile on his face...


            But there is one more thing we enjoy. It's for sure, because everyone likes to laugh and smile. The thing that makes us laugh and smile is called humour. You should remember the fact, that  humour is a very important part in our life. Jokes and fun can improve somebody's spirit. The ability to understand humour in real life situations makes our life better and helps us to be wiser and more patient to the others. If we can feel humour it's easier for us to communicate with people and to find the way out of the problem if there is any.


           But the question is: what can help us to understand humour? We hope to answer this question during our party. We called it a "Humourday Party" because we're going to tell you a lot of jokes, to show some humorous scenes, to invite you to take part in different games and remember the humourous situations from your life.

          Let's have some fun! Enjoy and welcome to « A Humourday Party»!

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