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Диалог про достопримечательности Киева

Agent: Good morning! We begin our tour around Kyiv.

Mrs. Babbage: I’d like to know more about Kyiv. Please, give me some information as to the tour around Kyiv.

Agent: Certainly. With pleasure! We’ll show you the most important places of interest.

Mrs. Babbage: What places of interest are we going to see in Kyiv?

Agent: We are going to see historical and cultural places. They are Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra, the Golden Gates, Podil, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, monuments to Prince Volodymyr, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Taras Shevchenko.We’ll show you the famous monument to founders of Kyiv – Kyi, Shchek , Khoriv and a young sister Lybid.

Mrs. Babbage: What other places of interest are we going to see in Kyiv?

Agent: We’ll show you many beautiful parks, gardens and bridges. For example, Mariinsky Park, Goloseevsky Park, Hydropark, Paton Bridge and Moscow Bridge and others.

Mrs. Babbage: There are many cultural places in Great Britain , such as: the museums, the theatres, the cinemas. Due to them we can learn more about our history and culture. Are there any museums or other cultural places in Kyiv?

Agent: Yes, there are. The most popular museums to visit in Kyiv are: the State Historical Museum, Shevchenko State Museum, the Museum of Ukrainian Applied Arts. The cultural heart of our city is Andriyivskyi Uzviz. You can buy Ukrainian souvenirs there.

Mrs. Babbage: Thank you. I am going to visit some of the theatres. What do you recommend?

Agent: You can visit the Shevchenko Opera and Ballet House, Ivan Franko Drama Theatre or Lesia Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre. And else, if you like animals, you can go to the Zoo.

Mrs. Babbage: It’s a great idea! You’ve been very kind.

Agent: My pleasure.

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